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How To Find A Venue For Your Wedding That Will Impress Everyone

We know how daunting it is to pick a wedding venue. There are dozens of choices and all you are thinking about is will my friends and family like it. We’re here to tell you how to find a venue for your wedding that will impress your entire family and all your friends. However, the key is to make it person and unique to you and what you like.

Here are some things we find are very important when choosing that perfect place to tie the knot…

  1. Showcasing who you are;  What do you enjoy doing together? Where do you love to be? Your wedding should reflect you and your story.
  2. Plenty of room; Make sure there is enough room to accommodate the guest count. Having options to be in multiple areas for people who don’t want to participate in dancing and areas to sit other than at tables to socialize helps to keep people moving. Consider not only for guests but also for the buffet, dance floor and DJ.
  3. Flow and movement; There are 3 different parts to a wedding…the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner and dancing. Are there options for each part of the party?
  4. Scenery; This is what will be in all of your photos and stay with guests as their memory. Choosing a location where there is natural beauty also helps cut down on decoration costs.

We hope the post gave you some insight on how to find a venue for your wedding. On the other had we are always available to give you advice. Feel free to call us for more information at (805) 238-7979.

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