Central Coast Party Helpers Careers

Thank you for wanting to be such an important part of our team of professional, awesome people! We appreciate you taking the time to be prepared for a great experience with fun people who make our guests feel like a guest at their own party.

Wait Staff For Hire

Wait Staff

Bartending for events and weddings


Kitchen Help For Parties

Kitchen Help

Event planning for weddings and events

Event Planning

A Word From Brigitte

Step 1:

Thank you for applying to be an amazing part of our awesome team! Before you apply, please  look through our website and social media accounts to learn more about what we do and who we are.

After reviewing our website and the above links, please upload your resume & any certifications ie: Food Handler’s Card, LEAD – Bar certificate
etc. as well as a brief selfie video of why you are applying and why you think we would be a good fit, what can you bring to CCPH.

Step 2:

After we review your application we will schedule a phone interview with you.

Step 3:

Is pre-hire documents, handbook, and quiz. Once hired, we will send you the Google Doc Link to our Schedule where you “self-schedule” & you can sign up for any of the events you qualify for. When you sign up for an event, please be sure and mark your calendar/schedule.

There is no room for cancellations. We take our work very seriously (still having fun), but we rely on you and your team to be responsible for the event(s) you sign up for.

Step 1 - Apply Now


Please record a 30-second video introducing yourself and text it with your first and last name to: 805-238-7979