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Ask Brigitte: How much ice do you really need?

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Ice is one of the most important items for your party! It’s the least expensive and oh so important!

One rule of thumb is 3 lbs for each guest, I actually like a “reality check” and think about what this party ice will be used for and what will it “sit in”.  So, for a bar, my bartenders have have at least 2 “Beverage Tubs”, each holds about 60 lbs of ice, then we have the party ice for the “hydration station” ie: iced tea, lemonade, water which will be about 5 lbs for each dispenser. Then we have the party ice to water down the glasses, which depending on how many guests, may be quite a lot, also, remember this stuff melts! You don’t want to have to send one of the wedding groomsmen out to buy more, they’re usually happy to do it, but do you really want your guests (who have been drinking) running errands for you? Let us be your party and event guides so you can “be a guest at your own party”. Bottom line, I recommend at least 200 lbs for the average party.

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